10 Ways Colocation Providers Find the Right Niches (and Avoid Commoditization)

Are you part of a colocation provider? Watch this video to learn ten ways that colocation data center providers find the right niche markets and avoid commoditization when navigating the digital buyer’s journey.


0:00 Intro
0:20 For CEO’s of colocation providers, MSP’s, cloud services, and hosting companies
0:45 Colocation as primary business vs. partners of colocation
1:20 Small companies vs. mid-market vs. enterprise
1:55 Dedicated product team vs. wearing the product hat
2:50 C-suite vs. sales or channel vs. product/engineering (product management) vs. marketing
3:30 Convergence of colocation and managed services
3:55 Public vs. private cloud, hosting, MSP, colocation
4:15 Paradigm shift: market maturity, M&A activity, and industry consolidation
4:27 (1) Provide Managed Services, But Not as an MSP (managed service provider)
8:20 (2) Assess Your Product/Market Fit
16:55 (3) Get In Front of Today’s Colocation Buyer’s Journey
21:32 (4) Analyze Your Competitive Positioning
34:45 (5) Take Stock of Your Content Assets (Content Audit)
41:05 (6) Attract the Right Strangers
45:52 (7) Generate More Highly-Qualified Leads (Lead Generation)
51:30 (8) Accelerate More Opportunities
55:00 (9) Scale Revenue Growth Across Both New and Existing Clients
57:20 (10) Let Your Best Clients’ Data and Buyer Personas Dictate Niches
60:15 Identifying the right niches and avoiding commoditization
61:10 Agenda recap and staying in the loop
63:00 Three key things you’ve learned

Note: This was recorded live in April 2017 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Even though the data center industry has gone through lots of consolidation since then, the content in this one-hour breakout session is still incredibly valuable for anyone interested in improving their go-to-market strategy. If you agree, be sure to Like this video, Subscribe to this channel, and Ring the Bell to get notified when new content is released. (At the time of this event, this session was one of the highest-rated sessions at the three-day conference.)

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