Does the Business Services Industry Make Money?

Business Services Franchises include Insurance, Bookkeeping, Payroll and more!

Learn what to look out for in a business or franchise for sale in this growing industry.

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The Business Services industry provides a variety of services such as photocopying, printing, mailbox rental and support, blueprinting, parcel and mail delivery, office administration, hiring and placing of personnel, consulting, security services, travel arrangement, cleaning, and waste disposal.

The Business Services industry has over 400,000 open businesses and combined annual sales of $917 billion.

Companies in the business services industry will continue to invest in the integration of digital transformation into the overall strategic road map, not only to connect sellers and buyers directly but also to keep competitive within the industry. In addition, the demand for cybersecurity has been increasing as cybercriminals have been attacking businesses and threatening their data and confidential information. Firms that are victims of cyberattacks face great cost as clients tend to search for a more secure service provider.​​​…​

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