Is a Franchise Business a Smart Investment? [Top 9 Reasons]

Is a franchise business a good investment? The short answer is YES—depending on your goals and financial situation. Here are my top 9 reasons a franchise business is a smart investment!

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0:00 Is buying a franchise a good investment? Well, if you’ve watched any of my videos and know that I’m a Franchise Consultant, you can likely guess my answer. OF COURSE! It depends on your goals and timeframe to achieve them and your financial situation, but my answer is generally YES!

A franchise business offers huge advantages over other types of investments and entrepreneurial startups. Here are my top nine reasons why buying a franchise could be a good investment for you.

1:13 #1: A franchise builds cash flow that you own and can control—more so than other investment types.

1:37 #2: A franchise mitigates the startup risks, coming with a proven business plan, a track record of success, and a proven toolbox with marketing, technology, training, and support.

2:07 #3: A franchise allows you to work on the business rather than in the business. How many mom-and-pop shops do you know with more than one location? A franchise doesn’t revolve around the owner’s center of influence, allowing you to scale to multiple locations faster.

2:56 #4: A franchise comes with a proven toolbox. When you say yes to a franchise, you are literally handed a proven business plan along with marketing, technology, and other tools to help you hit the ground running and start cash flowing quickly.

3:37 #5: Franchises allow for scale quickly. Every business owner knows that wealth is created through scaling your business, either through people, equipment, or real estate. In a franchise business where an owner can be focused from day one, working on their business rather than in their business, they can be driving that activity that’s going to lead to the scale that much faster—thus creating wealth faster!

4:19 #6: Franchise businesses can be built to be sold. It’s a myth in franchising that you don’t actually own your business. When you build a franchise business, you are building equity that you own and can sell. And get this: Franchise businesses sell for multiples higher than their mom-and-pop counterparts. Why? Because the incoming buyer can validate the business’ numbers and future support through other franchisees.

5:39 #7: Franchises come with support. You don’t have to be the expert coming in because there will be people to support you at every stage of your growth. You get to be in business for yourself but not by yourself.

6:27 #8: Franchises come with training. Again, you don’t have to be the expert, and you don’t need prior industry experience. You’re going to get all the training you need from your franchise or partner.

7:04 #9: Franchising wins in good times and bad. Your franchise investment will be protected as long as you are partnered with a solid leadership team with the resources to continue to build the brand.

So, is buying a franchise a good investment for you? Well, that depends. It depends on your goals. It depends on what you’re trying to achieve and the timeframe you have to achieve it. It depends on your financial status. It depends on so many variables. The good news is you don’t have to figure all of that out on your own because, in franchising, franchise consultants (like me!) are available to help.

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