Rick & Morty: Every Franchise Reference You Missed

Rick and Morty references the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Gravity Falls, the Simpsons, popular sci-fi franchises like Alien, Predator, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Blade Runner, and Ghostbusters. With so many references its not hard to spot a few that could lead to potential tie-ins between Rick and Morty’s universe and the cinematic universe of another franchise. These tie-ins can be in the form of bonus episodes, easter eggs, references or gags but when taken to the next level they almost always result in a cross-over event. Which crossovers have already happened and which ones are likely to happen next is the topic of this video. A Rick and Morty style MCU crossover event or maybe even an Aliens vs.Predators vs. Mortys could be in our future and we are gonna figure it out before it happens. This video covers Marvel References and Tie-ins You Missed, Movie References You Missed, Justin Roiland Properties References and Tie-ins, Sci-Fi References and Tie-ins you Missed, Monster Movie References you Missed, Videogame References and Tie-ins, Adult Animation References and Tie-ins, Anime References and Possible Tie-in, Slasher References You Missed, and a Gravity Falls Tie-In. For fans of Rick and Morty this is a comprehensive checklist of every important and mind-blowing reference to popular and obscure movies, tv and video games that our overlord Justin Roiland wants us to find so join us down the rabbit hole of knowledge to be explored.

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0:00 – Intro
0:33 – Marvel References and Tie-ins You Missed
1:32 – Movie References You Missed
2:31 – Justin Roiland Properties References and Tie-ins
3:35 – Sci-Fi References and Tie-ins you Missed
4:33 – Monster Movie References you Missed
5:27 – Video Game References and Tie-ins
6:29 – Adult Animation References and Tie-ins
7:20 – Anime References and Possible Tie-in
8:16 – Slasher References You Missed
9:08 – Gravity Falls Tie-In

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Written by: Jon McWilliams
Narrated by: Jon McWilliams
Edited by: Jon McWilliams

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