RPA Episodes! Episode Three – RPA Managed Services

Whether your RPA program is just getting started or you have successfully implemented several automations (bots), there will come a time when the automation fails, and you get that dreaded phone call from frantic business users wanting to know what happened.

As with other applications or services, Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and Service Level Agreements (SLA) should be in place to ensure priorities and recovery times meet the needs of the business that the bots support.
Why do bots fail? Bots utilize selectors when working with other applications so even a minor change to an underlying application or environment can result in a bot failure. Therefore, it is extremely important that bots not only have the appropriate level of monitoring and response time in place but also the correct level of IT Change Management oversight. A process that is too rigid can cause unnecessary down time, while a process that is too loose may not meet the audit and regulatory requirements of the organization.

In this episode, Chazey Partners RPA experts Chuy and Jim discuss RPA monitoring and maintenance and how to develop an efficient and effective post-deployment strategy using their practical experiences.

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