Why Tumbledry Charges A Franchise Fee?

“Why do you charge a franchise fee while appointing a franchise?” This is one question that every person who ever wanted to take a franchise or ever took any franchise or is interested in taking a franchise has in her/her mind.
In this video, Mr. Gaurav Nigam, founder of India’s Largest Laundry Chain – Tumbledry, addresses this question and explains why Tumbledry charges franchise fees and what jobs does it do in return for its franchise partners.

0:00 Introduction
1:31 Identify a right shop
2:00 Rent Negotiation & Lease Agreement
2:17 Project Charter of 256 Line Items
2:56 Store Layout, Design & Interiors
3:26 Project Supervision & Management
3:57 Machinery Installation
4:24 Manpower Hiring
4:48 Manpower Training & Certification
5:14 2 To 5 Days Demo & Dry Run
5:57 Branding
6:34 Financial Integration
6:56 Pricing
7:40 Director Induction
8:08 Pre-Launch Promotion
8:45 Google Business Listing
9:13 Customer’s Mobile App Configuration for Store
9:38 Call Centre Mapping
9:59 CRM Configuration for Store
10:28 Runner’s Mobile App Configuration
11:05 Franchise Support Desk
11:37 Summary
12:46 Conclusion

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Useful Links:
Tumbledry Live Store – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIyTlgyQODc
Tumbledry Operations – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iw0LMxWp2bw
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About Us:
Tumbledry Solutions Private Limited is a laundry and dry clean Retail and E-commerce organization founded with an intent to tap into the multi-billion-dollar opportunity of unexplored and unorganised laundry and dry clean industry in India. With 200+ stores live in 20 months of our journey, we are well on track to achieve our mission of becoming the No.1 and the most loved laundry and dry clean brand of India.
We are India’s fastest growing dry clean, shoe clean and laundry service chain – trusted by 1 Lac+ customers. Our service range includes – Laundry (wash & fold, wash & steam iron), Dry Clean, Curtain Clean, Blinds Dry Clean, Carpet Dry Clean, Handbag Dry Clean, Designer Wear Dry Clean, Soft Toys Dry Clean, Leather and Suede Shoe Dry Clean, Canvass & Sports Shoe Dry Clean, Lehenga Dry Clean, Silk Suit/Saree Dry Clean, Pashmina/Tosh Shawl Dry Clean, Jacket/Coat Dry Clean, Blanket & Woolen Dry Clean, and Suitcase/Trolley Dry Clean. We use world’s latest Woolmark & Hohenstein certified Lagoon technology, and German Organic Chemicals. Vacuum, Hanger and Folded Packing are available. We also provide free home pickup & delivery.